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Ikebana USA is a New York-based handmade soap company dedicated to the Japanese art of soap making. Our collection features about 20 unique soap varieties crafted with natural ingredients and enriched with essential oils.

Each of our handmade soaps is meticulously created in Bangladesh, embodying the essence of Japanese craftsmanship and natural beauty. Discover the art of luxurious cleansing with Ikebana USA.

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The handmade soaps of the Glow Collection will remove blemishes and brighten the skin. Makes dull skin look vibrant and fresh.
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Luxury Collection

Soothe and protect delicate skin with our specially formulated, calming soaps.
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Pamper yourself with opulent soaps made with exfoliating ingredients for a lavish bath experience.
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Revive your skin with gentle exfoliation and nourishing formulas for a radiant glow.
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Aromatic Blends

Indulge in captivating fragrances that uplift the senses and relax the mind.
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Herbal Infusions

Experience the benefits of herbal extracts for a refreshing and invigorating cleanse.
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Ikebana USA Soaps?

Our handmade soaps have been lovingly handmade to cleanse skin of impurities without the use of harsh ingredients that dry or irritate skin. Instead we use high grade essential oils that leave skin clean and moisturized. All the soaps are handcrafted with organic ingredients. Thanks to our slow set soap making method that maintains the healing properties of the oils. Handcrafted in small batches with natural botanical and essential oils, so color and aroma may change slightly from one batch to the next.

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Elevate your daily routine with the luxurious touch of Ikebana USA handmade soaps.

Keep your pets Clean & Protect

Ikebana Pet care shampoo bars are a great alternative to traditional liquid shampoos. They are typically made with all-natural ingredients and are free of harsh chemicals that can irritate your pet’s skin. They are also very concentrated, so a little bar goes a long way. This Shampoo Bar is equally effective on all different coat types, including short hair, long hair and curly hair. If you are looking for a more natural and eco-friendly way to bathe your pet, then Ikebana Pet Care Shampoo Bar is a great option.

proudly made in bangladesh

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Ikebana Hajj & Umrah soap is a unique product specially designed to cater to the needs of pilgrims performing the holy pilgrimage of Hajj and Umrah. The Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage is a physically and emotionally challenging experience and pilgrims need to take extra care of their skin to avoid infections and illnesses. This soap is made from natural ingredients that are permissible according to Islamic law and contains no alcohol, no chemicals and no colors. So that, Ikebana Hajj & Umrah soap is 100% Halal ‍and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. The soap comes in a compact and travel-friendly size.

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